Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Never Worship

There are understandings in the modern mind that make us unaware of ourselves in important ways. We do not embrace change. There is some part of the mind that sees great success in establishing something and having it endure unchanged for a significant period of time. Is this but one tendril of ancestor worship that we have not overcome? We still worship our forefathers, not so much genetic as memetic, and in this worship deny the basic truth that they were not greater than us so much in potential but in execution, timing and chance. A man makes himself small by worshipping another. There is no mystery in why he would do this: fear. Fear of failure, fear of making decisions, fear of responsibility. Worship another and you give someone else responsibility. Failure is not your fault but theirs. Worship is cowardice. Respect is honorable and those who came before me and achieved I hold in great respect. They have built this world, my culture and all that I stand upon. I stand upon shoulders that I honor and respect, but not worship; never worship.