Monday, January 17, 2005

Be Ready When I Come

I have not forgotten you. I often think of you and the struggle you survive to retain your differences. While you wait for my arrival remember this, you have no greater purpose than to be who you are, or put another way, fulfill your nature. If you want to honor me and prepare yourself for me then be simple, deep and deliberate. Structure your life in such a way that you are always full of energy, both potential and kinetic, in this way you will be ready when I come.


Mariposa said...
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Mariposa said...

You may never see this comment but I needed to thank you for this post. It has become the pinpoint of light in the distance of my never-ending tunnel.

Technomonk said...

Every time I read this post it makes me feel strangely good. I'm encouraged that someone else had a positive response.

Goals that don't really matter seem to cause as majority of stress and daily mental suffering. So, I like to be reminded of goals that matter, being simple, deep and deliberate.

Also, one of the ideas that I cling to when I feel adrift:

"The most important thing to do with your life is to fulfill your nature."

This affirms to me that my nature is uniquely mine and that personal happiness is in fulfilling MY nature, while unhappiness is often from trying to change my nature into someone else's or generally fighting against myself.

As a philosophical position it can be summed up in an embaressingly simple manner: All I have to do to be happy is be more and more who I really am.

(Thanks for the comment! I enjoyed thinking this through again, felt healthy.)