Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Christianity has taught us to dispise life

Christianity has taught us to dispise life, to regret living and to hope for death. Under this philosophy men endure life, hoping that their flawed and broken humanity doesn't rob them of a promise to be fulfilled after their life. This hateful doctrine says that even little children are flawed and need to be bathed in metaphysical blood. This teaching encourages the individual to distrust his own mind, instincts and experience. This is a lack of faith in our own humanity, a rejection of the lives we have been given. They are something to be suffered through.

I say the flesh is pure, and humanity is a gift I received at birth. I don't regret being alive. I don't mourn today, and I don't dread tomorrow. I trust in myself and know that I am good.

I rest assure that I'm doing my best and working on my mistakes and that the entire process can be enjoyable. I say can be, because I still have to shake off the life destroying teachings of my childhood. Its hard to be comfortable with living when you have been brought up to be your own harshest judge, and the judgements allow for no true life only a hope for death and a daily suppress and mistrust of the very life and humanity that we were given as a free gift.

Christianity must be one of the saddest things God has ever witnessed happen to his creation.

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