Friday, January 14, 2005

Devotion is the loss of hope

Devotion imbues life with purpose.

Devotion is the loss of hope. This does not mean the absence of hope, nor does it mean an over all diminishing in the quantity of hope. The loss of hope means more specifically the loss of specific hopes. The number of individual hopes will diminish and lend their weight to the surviving hopes. Devotion is the loss of hope because choices have been made. Decision allows devotion which narrows the choices still possible. Devotion itself is a focusing, a narrowing of effort, a narrowing of hope, a narrowing of possibility.

When life is dyed in devotion it takes on the color of purpose. Purpose is the royal color, the hue of heroes, and it is exceedingly expensive due to the extreme scarcity of its source. It is derived from beating the roots of a rare species of plant against a stone over and over until its precious ichor bleeds down the side of the beating stone.

Further complicating the availability of this color is the difficulty in identification. It contains few distinguishing marks and often resembles whatever plant is dominant around it. Only a prolonged examination will reveal the necessary plant. When the wind blows heavily from one direction and then from another watch how the plants bend and you will see a difference among them.

If you ask yourself, "What is the purpose of my life", realize that you can only answer this question by shedding hope.

Maybe you feel so little hope in life because you have so many hopes for life.

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