Thursday, January 06, 2005

Embrace Hate

Have someone to hate and you will ensure your mental health. Find an opponent and set yourself against him. If someone chooses you, for this role, accept their challenge and revel in the honor of their hate. Embrace rivalry, embrace passionate opposition to an other. Lacking an external object of hate, which is the starting block for great actions of all kinds, an internal object of hate will be used. This is an enevitable natural mechanism of the human brain. This is self-hate. This is guilt. This is shame. The collective mind of a social group is subject to these same patterns. Competition is not only good for growth and progress it is good to have opponents. Without opposition we are less. Without hate in your heart you can not have love. Without an opponent you can not have passionate endeavor. Choose the best and most honorable to hate. Embrace hate and choose your opponents well.

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