Friday, January 28, 2005

Memory Loss as Natural Positive

The healthy failure of memory is a blessing. We can move on with memories that fade or change, leaving us less encumbered by the past. Entropy serves a similiar function for the physical world. Entropy defines time. What does the rate of memory loss define?

The desire to live in the past, for things to not fail, and for memories to stay clear is a denial of life. Study history, maintain your car, and reminisce about the past; all these things are healthy. It is the drive to escape the march of progress by retreating into the past, keeping things the same, and never forgetting that is the product of a weakening mind. When a christian wants the church of today to be like the early church, or a parent of a dead child desperately tries to picture his face every day, or leaders hold too long to the ways of the past, all these things are simple examples of weak minds grasp for a way out of the dynamic and ever moving stream of change. They want out. This very mind set will drown them in the end. Change always wins out. The new always replaces the old.

I'm glad I forgot so much of my past because it has left me free to have so much of my future.

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