Thursday, January 27, 2005

Morality is a Means Not an End

Healthy morality is utile. The support for morality is pragmatic benefit to the person, group, or race. When a moral system or a part of a moral system looses its utility it should be discarded. Any adherence to morality that is no longer useful is slavish. A person or group that adheres to useless morality has made themselves slaves and condescended their own minds into this confine. A slavish mind avoids punishment and looks for a way out. Every slavish mind will struggle with the desire to obey and the desire to revolt.

Healthy morality is a means. When morality becomes the end growth has stopped and freedom of mind has been lost in a salt lake from which no one is satiated. Morality must remain a means for it to remain healthy. Once you hold up morality as an achievement you've lost what was living within you and committed yourself to futility.

The point is not to be more or less moral. That is the language of the sick slavish moralists.

The symptom of this sickness is not that morality is being discussed; it is that it is being discussed as something valuable in and of itself. As if you should be moral for the sake of being moral. Discussion centering on the various merits of a morality with the goal of improving and refining it so that it will better fulfill its purpose is an act of a vibrant mind. A living morality is always being judged against its efficiency to fulfill its goal. A healthy living morality will always be in the fire, on the anvil and in the water again. Healthy discussions of morality are technical like a sprinter discussing good running form, or a programmer talking about language syntax and logic organization. Morality is a means. Some may call it a way.

I can not be immoral. I can only lack your morals. A difference in morals is not necessarily a difference in purpose, but a difference in means to achieve the purpose.

If you wish to criticize my morals you should explain how a change would better serve me. I will not take up a moral to be more like you, or because you passionately think I should. I will take up a moral if it benefits me. How do your morals serve you? You had better be ready to defend your morals with an explanation of how they improve your life before you approach me with moral reproach. I have little toleration for sick slavish morality, and zero sympathy for those who wish to spread their disease to others.

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