Monday, January 10, 2005

Nietzsche says "Yes"

Nietzsche says that we should say, "Yes" to life. Until I read this I never realized that my life was asking me a question. My life speaks like any other challenge. I need to answer, "Yes". I need to remember to keep saying, "Yes" as the challenge changes. A negative answer has no purpose but self defeat and retreat, yet this answer is common and seems to come easily to the lips. Saying, "No" to the questions of life seems to damage some individuals worse than others. To understand this I use the image of a dog living in an apartment. A small dog may not be depressed by this at all finding the space adequate and the walks more than sufficient for its nature. A larger dog will find the same space a prison, and the walks a torment of expectation and unfulfillment. The large dog is damaged in a way that the small dog could never be. Some of us need to begin saying "Yes" to life more than others. Some of us are large dogs inhabiting small lives and the worst walls that confine are perspective, approach and attitude. Don't dismiss these elements of your reality they are among the most meaningful. You don't dismiss depression when it eats at you, you don't dismiss anger when it fills your mind; the confining walls I'm talking about are no less substantive than these. Take your situation seriously and realize that the first change is direction. Say "Yes" to the question that your own life is asking you.

This is the challenge I give myself, to say "Yes" the the question my life is asking me and to ignore the questions other people's lives are asking. I'm a big dog, legs stiff with the need to run, jaw aching with the need to tear, and most of all I want to feel the wind of my own running against my face.

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