Thursday, January 13, 2005

Using the Befouled Word, "goals"

Financial planning, a depressing topic much the way stories of romance and genius are depressing. Every example seems too perfect and just a few inches out of reach, or completely untranslatable to personal circumstance. Too many options for savings and investing, overwhelms. Its like hearing advice on dating except no one says when you quit looking you'll find it. Instead you hear promises of wealth and retirement that sound good, seem in tune, but just don't sound real.

All of these topics crush the seeker under their 20/20 vision examples where everything works out and what about the other examples the ones where some unlucky financial planner planned it all up, saved, invested watched it all everyday and some market correction, disaster, scandel or some other event named "out of your control" didn't follow his little plan and left him with a massive set back and now he's working at Home Depot at 72 years of age. Fuck that shit. Financial planning stinks too much like a bunch of Baptists explaining in great detail how to make your life over in their own image and how then it will all be just peachy.

God himself may not give you what you ask for, but rest assured that you will get what you ask yourself for (reap... sow). If you don't ask yourself for anything, you'll get nothing out of your life. This is just a different way of talking about expectations for yourself without using the befouled word, "goals".

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