Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Will They Gape in Awe at Our Lives?

Will future generations marvel at our work lives wondering how we lived under such conditions? "How did they put up with it? They had so little free time, and the time they had they spent escaping" Imagine confused and troubled looks on the innocent faces of the future.

Yes, children of the future I drive a vehicle that burns fossil fuel and I drive it myself without computer assistance. I drink. I smoke. Yes, this is all still carcinogenic in my time. I eat foods that are equally poisonous. I handle paper money. I drink a stimulant daily. In fact it is provided free of charge by my employer. We are barbarians to the future and angels to the past but we are the same thing at this moment that those of the future and past were in their time; men. Men with a barabaric foundation and the promise of the future - we are all fruit and seed - we are all antiquated and modern in measure.

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