Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Minimalist Christianity

I desire to be a christian in only the way that Jesus was himself. I want nothing more. I don't want bumper stickers. I don't want the priesthood officialized by Constantine. I want a minimalist practice of christianity. I want nothing more than what i must have to apply the advice that Jesus chose to give us. I want nothing from Paul or the other men who were included in the catholic canon. I want the words of Jesus and him alone. I want a stripped down, clean, and simple christanity; one that embraces life and finds it a gift.


David M. Smith said...


Have you read the book 'Joshua'? It describes a life that you desire.

pete porter said...

I would like to help you walk in victory. If your open minded, I have two posts you may be interested in; It's All in There, and in the january articles; Who do you think You Are.
In Christ, Pete

Technomonk said...

Pete clearly did not read the posting... "walk in victory?" This is exactly the kind of bloated jargon that repulses me.