Monday, February 07, 2005

Relationship Mechanics

The closer you are to someone the easier it is to push them away.

It isn't even necessary to push. A cessation of attractive activity will allow the other party to drift away under the influence of social currents. We actually have to apply continual force to keep social relationships stable. The closer two people are the more energy it will take to maintain that relationship. Microwaves and the electromagnetic spectrum illustrate this. The shorter a wave the more energy it possesses. Long waves like radio waves contain much less energy than microwave or gamma waves. Compare this to the amount of energy a relationship possesses, and the amount of energy it takes to keep this relationship in motion. When a very close relationship ends it releases a great deal of energy, as opposed to a very loose relationship which dissipates with much less fury. Relationships are dynamic and powerful. They are expensive to maintain and they can be devastating when allowed to fail. They can also be engines of propulsive force when running in harmony.

A rhythm is essential to an economical relationship.

Relationships are much like electromagnetic waves but they are equally like the events that cause them. When generating and maintaining closely bound relationships be aware of your danger and the threat to the rest of your life, but not so aware that you fail to use the incredible benefit unique to such personal frequencies.

You can never actually push someone away from yourself. More accurately, you damage the bond to the point that it severs and the energy stored in the relationship is released in a wild burst. It is this burst of stored energy that forces the two apart.

All parties involved in a tight social bond will work to maintain the relationship with the least amount of recurrent effort capable of keeping the relationship stable. All parties should be aware of this and work together to find a balance that allows for economical relationship stabilization. Long lasting and powerful relationships must be pragmatic at the core. Illusions are less and less tolerated as the bonds are pulled tighter. All these tints and shades must be striped off before truly tight bonds may be formed.

You are ready for a close relationship when you can safely achieve and maintain it.

Some people are especially suited for powerful relationships. These people most often form too tight of bonds too quickly and damage themselves and others. These individuals should be aware of themselves and form relationships with appropriate caution.

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