Tuesday, February 08, 2005

"Where we are in life"

"Where we are in life", this concerns our position on the time-line of life. Our valuation of "Am I where I should be" is cultural. Your needs for fulfillment will change as you age. When young a good party and the company of women will make a man feel good about where he stands. His middle age is looking for stability and potential achievement in equal measure. In older age the desire to leave something behind, to make a mark, to be remembered begins to increase. The entire time line is a continuum with no real divisions. Convenient separations have been made but these are culturally specific and only there to help find our place and to understand where others are.

"Where I am in life", I'm in early middle age still wearing some unshed skin from my youth, still feeling the loss of what used to fulfill me, still trying to fulfill myself in ways that used to work but no longer do. I'm finding new ways, and some ways I used to try, fulfill me more now than they ever did. In some ways I'm just now coming into myself. It feels healthy to pin a flag in the time-line and say, "I am here."

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