Thursday, March 03, 2005

My Accent

While riding in the back of a vietnam era military truck outfitted to haul soliders, a canadian couple told me that their son would love to talk to me just so he could hear my Texas accent. Much of this was shouted so it could be heard over the wind: there's less accent when shouting. While our mercedes military truck bounced over wind sand roads I tried to accept that I had an accent - something I'd never really considered myself to have.

I wasn't aware that I had enough of an accent that it would be entertaining. My impression of my own verbal style is basically american with some small southern or Texan influences; apparently I'm simply not aware of my own accent.

What other aspects of my person are similiarly affected by my geospatial reality? Does my belief system have an accent? Is it Texan? When I'm communicating my understandings is there a distinct accent to my truth? Is it economic? Are Texans really friendlier than our Yankee counterparts and if so is this an example of a non-verbal accent: A personality accent.

I wasn't aware of how much accent my voice carried. I wonder how many other accents I carry that I'm unaware of.

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