Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Symptom: Vocabulary Change

An observable symptom of progressive indoctrination is a pronounced vocabulary change. There will initially be a hesitancy to use specialized language; this will be marked by an infrequent and limited introduction of key phrases into a subject’s normal language patterns. There will be a full adoption of key phrases once the individual’s self image has aligned with the image of the indoctrinating group. I suggest that the adoption of language patterns and phrases is an external symptom of the candidate’s internal progression into the social group.

The adoption of new ideas without a complete understanding is often exhibited by a heavy use of genre specific terms and speech patterns heavily laden with genre specific language constructs. This coupled with the candidate’s inability to discuss outside of these language patterns as well as a typically defensive response when any of the tenet ideas are challenged or even asked to be explained is a clear sign that the individual is an acolyte of a non-reproducible progression of knowledge.

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