Friday, April 22, 2005

Daily Struggle To Remain Free

Life can force its will upon us. Our environment, human and non-human, can over power us and leave us in a situation where the best option is to submit: Nothing is more hateful.

There is nothing more hateful to a free man than submission, but there are times when this is the only wise course. Wisdom is not always something you must love; it is for guidance not affection. Wisdom is often a hated councilor.

If you do not often resent wisdom’s advice then you do not often follow wisdom’s direction.

There is never a single option; there is always choice. At times there will be choices of such loss that a hateful choice must be made or ruin must be embraced. Ruin should only be the free choice in extreme situations that leave us beyond hope.

There is nothing more pitiable than a man who gives his freedom to another because he is too weak to make his own hard choices. Freedom is heavy and there is variance in the fortunes of a free man that the victim will not be asked to endure.

A man can live free in bondage or live enslaved in freedom; it is his daily choice.

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