Monday, April 04, 2005

Family and Church

Church has never been like family to me. Christian men and women have been, although rarely, like family to me. The institution is not the faith. Even those rare fellow believers that I have been close to are not the faith. Neither the company of christ nor the individuals who follow him can justify or debase the primary truths. The same holds true for the works of these. What they write down, ink on paper, can not make my faith or unmake it, nor what a group of them decides to pronounce or denounce can stabalize or destabalize my position as it relates to the divine.

If a relationship is personal then it is personal and no other people or papers should insert themselves between. I honor and adhere to Jesus not his followers, ancient or modern, nor the works of his other adherants. Personal is personal - personal is not corporate.

I will gladly stand alone, aside from the herd, to preserve the clean honesty of what I really emperically know that I have. I will fight for what I have, even if it is not so great as what others claim, so that it may remain honest and real. I will embrace my minor and humble relationship and will never reach for the cheap gold that others demand I claw after with them.

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