Thursday, April 14, 2005

No Freedom Without Freedom from Force

The supposed moral authority of the majority which gives our government officials their righteous excuse to power should never have the power to force me to do anything that I do not choose to do. My heart affirms this truth on a daily basis. Does this position seem unrealistic? Do you believe that the nature of men requires that they always be forced and coerced against their wills? Are the wills of man so bad?

If you think man must always be forced and must always submit, then how is the tyranny of the majority justified?

I see no reason to accept the position that a million voices speaking falsely should outweigh my single voice speaking truly, especially and with specific concern where it involves my person and my freedom of action. I reserve the right to choose. I reserve my natural authority over my self and dispute any other person who has been convinced into believing he holds my rights, even and especially if a vote of the majority is his convincing factor. No person has the right to take my freedom of choice from me, and no population of people has this right either. I am free. You may ask, “Free to do what?” My response: that is my business and not yours. I not only have the freedom to choose, I have the freedom to choose as I will for reasons I find sufficient: For a free man, no justification is necessary.

I believe in man. I hold myself to be free to choose. Force me against my will to actions I reject and you will be a tyrant, however you excuse your power.

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