Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Subtle Oppression, Modern State

The overt oppression of a populace is dangerous because it sets in motion a necessary subversion so that internal balance can be achieved. I specifically say overt because the experience of oppression is subjective and related to personal expectations. The raw use of power to control another person should be the last resort of the governing authority, because it may set in motion a problem of control greater than what it was intended to solve.

The subtle oppression of a populace is a modern art being practiced and refined in the most advanced countries.

For the modern citizen, every "Exit" from the quiet oppression becomes a clearly marked stygian maze, so that when you cry for release those around you point to the exit and say, "There is the way out." Ours is a frightening type of volunteerism; a house in which the windows have been replaced with murals of loss and want, repainted as the condition within the house deteriorates. We can leave, but we dare not. We are not fooled by the lies, but we do not ask for the truth. We are complicit in the subtle oppression of our masters.

I fear that these masters are not mere men, but are something far worse. I fear that they are we, the tyranny of the majority, to which we have subjected ourselves and left no sign of true escape. Quiet oppression can not forever take more and more, a day comes when we are without room to fill our chests with air and the natural tendency to become subversive will find its voice and hands. In time, we will tear our balance from the very flesh of our modern country, even this ever so subtle oppressor we have built and support. We will force freedom upon ourselves when our very blood has realized the depth of our oppression.

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