Friday, May 27, 2005

Mike Sutton

Goodbye Mike. You were my friend.

I'm remembering today. Scenes from Shawnee come unbidden to mind; sharing cigarettes and beers and long porch conversations. You were with me when I picked up Shiva from the pound. I remember your shorts and short sleeve dress shirts - your uniform of the time. I remember you.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Wage Slaves

I wonder how much modern employees are like ancient slaves and the servants of generations past. Some wage earners still wear the livery of their masters, while many of us have less real daily, hour by hour, freedom in our lives than those of old. We are not beaten. We can leave. Our children are free to choose their masters and prepare themselves to serve in a capacity they prefer.

The swineherd Eumaeus was a slave of Odysseus but lived with what seemed rustic freedom of an admirable sort. He seemed to live the majority of his life with a good amount of autonomy. His freedom had limits but no so much that he couldn’t help out a wandering man in need with shelter, coat and food. Eumaeus was an employee paid with security and all the things he was able to provide the masked Odysseus.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Understanding Education

When a stranger lets me know that he holds a doctoral degree in some subject, even if the subject is weighty and respected, all I should judge by way of this is the likelihood that he is at least half educated.

If when speaking to some man on some point of disagreement, which can be a most friendly and edifying activity, and your interlocutor resorts to credentials, some "educational" achievements, or any external validation of this sort to support his point, you should immediately and quietly disengage from conversation. From this point on you should treat this person as a child, trying to benefit him, but never engaging in debate.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

blame yourself for the right reasons

"Some people don't have to deal with this. Some people don't have to feel like this."

I wonder if that is true and these imagined persons are really living out there in America somewhere, or if those things I feel so strongly are really inside everyone. How unique is this; I wonder if I should stop wondering how to be different than I am, how to be like an imagined someone that may not even exist, and begin putting words to these same feelings waiting in others. Maybe, we do have to feel like this. Maybe we all feel this way to some degree and imagining that some people don't is all part of the madness. If you can't blame yourself, who can you blame? Blame yourself, but blame yourself for the right reasons!

The Only Commandment

Build a cage with dimensions such that I rarely bump into the wall and I will feel free the majority of the time, but there will be those days when I reach out and touch the wall and that is when the lie of my prison is undeniable. A person can stay in the middle and imagine, or walk the edge and be reminded. Who will be happier? Worthless question. Choosing paths based on a happiness quotient is the mindset of a herd animal. Choose your path based on who you are - based on your nature. Some people will naturally move to the middle and imagine and be quite satisfied, but I believe that most people are more than this. I believe that most men will be drawn to the edge once they are aware of it. There are natures in some men that can only love the edge of the map, and when I say love I don't speak of hearts and well spoken sentiment. I'm speaking of the beaten down nature of man fighting his way free of his educational and religious jacket. Don't underestimate the violence within you. Is this confusing? Wipe away what I've said if it is confusing; you owe yourself one purpose and that is to fulfill your nature. That is the morality native to man - that is the formula and signature of creation hidden within us. Fulfill your nature: this is the only commandment.

There is one commandment: Fulfill your nature.
There is one corollary: Hinder no man from becoming himself.