Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Only Commandment

Build a cage with dimensions such that I rarely bump into the wall and I will feel free the majority of the time, but there will be those days when I reach out and touch the wall and that is when the lie of my prison is undeniable. A person can stay in the middle and imagine, or walk the edge and be reminded. Who will be happier? Worthless question. Choosing paths based on a happiness quotient is the mindset of a herd animal. Choose your path based on who you are - based on your nature. Some people will naturally move to the middle and imagine and be quite satisfied, but I believe that most people are more than this. I believe that most men will be drawn to the edge once they are aware of it. There are natures in some men that can only love the edge of the map, and when I say love I don't speak of hearts and well spoken sentiment. I'm speaking of the beaten down nature of man fighting his way free of his educational and religious jacket. Don't underestimate the violence within you. Is this confusing? Wipe away what I've said if it is confusing; you owe yourself one purpose and that is to fulfill your nature. That is the morality native to man - that is the formula and signature of creation hidden within us. Fulfill your nature: this is the only commandment.

There is one commandment: Fulfill your nature.
There is one corollary: Hinder no man from becoming himself.

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