Friday, June 17, 2005

The First Bite of a New Understanding

Precondition: Familiarity with Genesis, the Edge of the Map, and an Honest Desire to Understand

Before our knowledge of good and evil, god was unknown to us. We were mingled with him, like a child before a self-image; before he is self aware. The storied apple, not the fabled one of poison and long sleep, but the apple that traded our innocence for knowledge: That apple, which we ever choose to eat again and again, represents the birth of consciousness in man; our first choice to know even at cost. We've always been willing to pay dearly for a real education. This garden was the womb of preconscious man. When we began to know, we gained an edge, god was pushed away from us by our new found understanding and we were aware. We awoke from the long dream of evolution's march. We awoke and left our childhood home, with a small map and an edge, close enough to comfort our fears, destined to continue this map we had started; destined to continue paying the cost over and over again for greater and greater knowledge of good and evil. We have ever been lovers of truth, never holding the edge close but pushing it further and further away. A true man of god will always choose to eat the apple, just as our first father did. A true man of god understands the apple and how this reveals the truth of manna, and the decline of miracles and religion.

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