Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cause and the Cure not Symptoms

I want to learn more about America. If I'm to have a voice, if I've something to say to this people then I should understand us better. A study of history is essential. A study of our politics and conflicts is essential. A study of our literature is essential. I want to find and understand where I stand in the march of democracy in America. Through this study, I hope, I'll be able to put names to those things I have begun to feel we are loosing. I feel a slip in who we are. We've changed direction. Not recently but over the course of my life, we've changed. I don't want to waste time on the symptoms of this change, while they are important; they are neither the cause nor the cure. What in our world view, our philosophy, our outlook on life has changed leading to this slow change in direction?

Who are we... no, more importantly, who do we wake up wanting to be?

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