Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Political Disposition

A lecture I've been listening to speaks about a French person's impression of us in the 19th century. He specifically struck me with, "One defining characteristic of Americans is their hope and belief in progress." This is a paraphrase but the point is, he's right. At my core I'm constantly mildly dissastisfied with what I have, and spend time thinking about how it might be made better. My mental history is riddled with this and supporting stories heard as a child of men who did just this and gained fame and fortune from it. My concern and the point of making a journal entry on these thoughts is this; I'm unsure if I believe in political progress.

I'm worried that I've lost faith in our government to the point that I have no more hope in it getting better. As with all thoughts like this, if I feel this way then many many more do as well. I'm resolving to get involved in local politics of the simplest and most humble sort. Somthing to either spur me on into renewed hope and belief or provide concrete examples of what is wrong. If I do not take personal action to invest myself, I will be giving away my freedom of thought to the Media and the pundits, and they actively object to hope. Fear mongering has become such a pervasive art that I'm required to doubt whether my dissatisfaction and lack of hope is real and founded, on my own experiences, or if it is merely an implant by constant feeding and suggestion.

So, I have to go look for myself.

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