Friday, July 15, 2005

The Union of Vertical and Horizontal Men

And the Purpose of Our Lives

A person of broad experience with a lively and varied interest doesn't impress at parties like the vertical man. No, the horizontal man receives less cheap appreciation than his vertical counterpart, but with meditation this will not seem unfair or unjust in the least, on the contrary this is a great balance and aid to our social efforts.

The man of broad experience is a stable and balanced support, capable of making lateral innovations and deep judgments. This nature reveals itself only to those who pay attention and possess enough understanding to breed appreciation. The deficit of the horizontal man is specialized skills, and for this he must always call upon his vertical companions. You will often find the best horizontal men in the company of many vertical friends, arms about shoulders and beers in hand. There is no better union among intimate friends than between these two types of men for they are the best we have to offer, and their union drives the advancements of mankind.

The vertical man must be satisfied with his moments and events of glory and the horizontal man must not grudge him these, for the vertical will struggle with the enduring reputation given to the horizontal. Both men must resolve these issues of ego and social reward before truly finding a footing for friendship that will last.

You may ask, “Last to what purpose?” and I will answer, “Glory, innovation, and the very fire of creation that is in the hands of men! Fame, power and wealth are wonderful, only, when being shoveled into the blazing furnace of creation.”

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