Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sick Drive of a Fevered Mind

In a world where you are expected to be constant it’s hard to revel in your change. Wishing for permanence yields sorrow, and given time, an increasing burden that everything is depreciating and slipping away. It’s a sad change in man when he begins to hold on, instead of reaching forward. John wrote a dynamic gospel, filled with love, but later in his life he wrote down his sad revelation, revealing a heart grown bitter and vengeful at a world that continued to change long after he had begun living in the past. Once you hold on, you are dragged behind. Your lungs fill with dust and your eyes cloud over. Constancy is a sick drive of a fevered mind, and leads to the wish for death, and a world view that is so dark and deadened to life that the mind makes a paradise of oblivion and a hell of every living day.

You must continually change to remain my friend.

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