Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Another Embarrassment for Christians

Intelligent Design is a shameful embarrassment for Christianity. It is the deliberate dressing up of foundationally religious ideas as science. It is not honest. Since when did Christianity need science to back up beliefs? When did we have to put wobbly scaffolding up around religious beliefs? Are they not valid on their own? Do they not have the power to persuade as they are? Intelligent Design is disingenuous at its core, religion masquerading as science, so it can sow doubt and misunderstanding. Intelligent Design will have no effect on our scientists and educated individuals, but it could serve to hold back those who do not understand enough about the issues. Why after so many centuries of these same mistakes from Christianity are we seeing this yet again. Will we need to reconfirm that the earth is round and that the sun does not revolve around the earth? Religion has always tried to hold onto the past, threatened by new understandings and ideas, often leaving their followers in the dark. ID does not defend the beliefs of Christianity, there is no valid overlap and more importantly no contradiction! Believe in religion and practice science. They are the complementary expression of humanity, approaching life problems with the most suited tools available.

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Aminah said...

Plus, they're teaching it in schools as a sort of rebuttal to the evolution theory. ID belongs in Religion classes if anywhere in education. Passing it off as a legitimate science is criminal...