Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Exercise Truth with Questions

1. Honesty is unimpeded by ignorance, while truth is prerequisite to a lie. There is a rigor to truthfulness, which sincerity is wholly unbridled by. Question your faith, lest you’re caught being honest, while pretending to truth.

2. Honesty and sincerity often masquerade as truth, seeking to forestall question. Truth alone, of these three, thrives on challenge and inquisition. Questions will offend sincerity and alienate honesty, but for truth they are a friend’s embrace. The spores of truth spread, not under an agreeable wind, not with a whisper, but with a bold invigorating wind; clearing the streets of leaves, left too long upswept.

3. Truth is restrained by language; handcuffs marring the wrists of understanding. Our deepest understandings and their composite truths are bound, gagged and tied by our ability to communicate. This is not a hurdle that can be leaped with increasingly direct language or stricter symbols. The particular duct tape we are dealing with is innate to man, it is in our tongues, our ears, and the primordial levers that make our mouths form speech.

4. Truth can not be directly communicated by man. Truths must deconstruct into conceptions before transmission. Neither can truth be directly received by man. Truth is born of shifting understandings, finding fresh balance.

It is the deconstructed components of communication, conceptions, which have the potential to change the dynamic of our understandings. These are the tools of the “spiritual” orator. He has always used poetry, parables and the tools of myth to communicate his message.

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