Thursday, January 12, 2006

Self Aware?

You are only aware of your limitations when you reach them.
Your limitations are only increased when you stretch them.

There is a point when you will thin.
There is a point when you will fray.
There is a point when you will snap.

Most people are unaware of their limitations and apply significant effort to avoid the pain of discovery. Change is work, and some change is painfully unpleasant work. Some change can not be reversed.


Tarun said...

Quite true.

Some things stretch your perspective on life permanently. But when it comes down to it, we are controlled by our emotions (and hence mental associations).

Its usually emotions that affect thoughts for longer periods of time and not vice versa (thoughts only trigger emotions that continue for long periods of time).

'Discovery' is confusion, especially since there isn't a path, much less a 'right' direction. Atleast thats what it feels like.

Zen says confusion is good, but that doesn't make me like pain, fear & depression any more.

Technomonk said...

I have never heard that Zen says confusion is good. I wonder if this is akin to boredom being good, since it encourages us to try new things and be more creative.

What would confusion provide us? The freedom to bring new types of order to our environment...