Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Serious Complications

(Follow-Up to Reality Mine)

Most people are tired. They want to be liked and accepted and have little strength left to figure out who they are or what they “really” want out of life. Where is the pay back? They’re too often struggling to not fail, and in the mean time to not feel.

If you reject the world view you are socially expected to hold, you will be rejected. In a world moving past religious, ethnic, and national separations it is your world view that defines “us” and “them”. Otherness has been stripped down to its pure and potent core. Strong individuals will take advantage of the uncertainty caused by this shift, and they will promote world views of their own, gathering up the fearful masses; one vision for the future, one understanding of the “good life”. How long until several of these Reality-Dictator’s clash and we fight fresh wars over nothing, so much as corporate realities. This will signal the fall of nations as the major divisions of mankind. They will have been dead long before but no one will admit it until we join the armies of our human kind’s new dictators.

There will be men who choose their own realities or share reusable pieces from ancient and modern times and synthesize a world-view that suits their nature. Yes, there will still be these men, just as there are now. They will be lonely and few. They will be the small strain of hope that will remain after the Reality Dictators have spent themselves on destructions and vain attempts to control the minds of other men. These individuals will remain, and they alone will still enjoy their lives and have hope within reach. These men of free mind will pick up the pieces and put it back together, and if we are lucky we will all be free to be ourselves; finally.

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