Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Part Five

It takes a great deal of time to gestate a truth. Tides of conception must sweep our shores before the beach is changed. Every conception must fight for its place within us. There is no more savage struggle; a mind can be overturned in a night. You can be reborn from a conversation, and the exhausting conflict that follows.

At best two people sharing identical mental structures could deconstruct, transmit, and reconstruct a truth without loss. It is unlikely two such people exist. Man does his best to deconstruct, communicate and reconstruct with chronic misunderstanding as his result. Accurate communication depends on the audience’s ability to reconstruct. Whether they have the symbols, intelligence, and will necessary to reconstruct a communication determines whether they understand what they are told.

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domboy said...

There is a certain amount of blind faith required to accept another's reconstruction, but blind faith is itself born of something tangible.