Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Understanding Experience: Notes

The fundamental difference separating the tiers of human experience is the dilation of time between bounding cause and effect for related units of experience.


The dilation of time, between bounding cause and effect, separates the tiers of experience. A fundamental difference between sensation, percept, concept, and understanding is the distance between beginning cause and closing effect measured along the time axis.

This progressive time dilation helps explain why the cone of finite experience expands. It is not the only reason for the shape of the cone; recombination or progressive experiential abstraction also contributes. A third factor, mostly unexplored, lies in how bounds are assigned within the stream of experience for a unit of experience (i.e. sensation, perception, conception, understanding). Clearly time is a factor, as stated above, but there is a variability here that is unexplained. I’m also unclear how lower level units of experience are chosen to form a CE chain, if this is subjective or concrete. How subjective is our experience of the CE chain, are there several, is it a cloud that we pull together to meet other goals?

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