Sunday, August 27, 2006

Emotional Attacks

When you are in doubt, do what you know to do. Do the mundane, the preparatory and the simply useful.

When under emotional threat be slow to action, don't make decisions or force change. Conserve your tenuous energy. Play defensively and be careful while under emotional turmoil. Avoid depressants and embrace distraction. Plan and wait until this passes before you make significant preventive changes.

Friday, August 11, 2006

A small coffee and a sausage biscuit

"A small coffee and a sausage biscuit please"
"Is that all sir"
"That will be one dollar and sixty one cents."


Ritual morning conversation. Preceding the daily ablation of time on the freeway. 1.61 is the price of my breakfast, and the first three digits of Phi. Phi is etched inside my wedding ring out to eleven digits. It is the balance and golden rule of nature. Some think it is a foundation of beauty. Every morning I hear this number and count it up.

There is a certain emptiness to the mind during a commute to work. Its a modern ablution, during which I meditate on the price of my breakfast.


Humans have a natural capacity for religion and superstition. So I'm not suprised at my reaction. I'm human. I keep ordering this breakfast, as if there is some lesson in the activity, I flutter about this confluence of events looking for meaning.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Role of the Cloister

I realize tonight that I sought a cloister for most of my young adulthood. First in the church, then in decadence, and finally I found a sustainable brotherhood in programming; a cloister always. I was not wrong in seeking this, but in thinking that this was a forum self-realization, instead of truly a place for my rest. In our caves we rejuvenate and strengthen who we are, only outside of this repose can we change who we are. We are social creatures and we cast our distinct shadows in the light of others. We are not unique when alone, but when in contrast with others.

I distrust monotheism now. When we are consumed with one god we forget all men, and it is the men who need us and our thoughts.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Force Follows Pity

The Christian church extinguished the ancient pagan religion with laws, threats and fears; tools still used today to productive effect. Will these ancient and practiced tools of impression ever pale in the light of the real benefit faith? Can a monotheistic religion ever feel secure in its position and future among the populace if another religion exists? It can not, and when conversion is not sufficient for the rapine of spiritual drives, force must be used, and where fear fails, the followers of a different God must be forcibly reminded of their folly.

“Would you let a blind man walk into the street? Certainly not! You would stop him, by words at first, but by force if necessary. To do otherwise would be to fail in your duty to love your neighbor as yourself, and speaking for myself, ‘I don’t want to be run over in the street’.”
Evangelical Pastor

Monotheism demands uniformity of religious thought. The “us” and “them” of humanity become partisan and divided by any difference considered significant by the currently reigning clergy. The historical evidence that these opinions change throughout history rarely deters the current sensibilities from stamping themselves eternal and looking with pity on the poor misguided souls living in the darkness of a different opinion.