Friday, August 11, 2006

A small coffee and a sausage biscuit

"A small coffee and a sausage biscuit please"
"Is that all sir"
"That will be one dollar and sixty one cents."


Ritual morning conversation. Preceding the daily ablation of time on the freeway. 1.61 is the price of my breakfast, and the first three digits of Phi. Phi is etched inside my wedding ring out to eleven digits. It is the balance and golden rule of nature. Some think it is a foundation of beauty. Every morning I hear this number and count it up.

There is a certain emptiness to the mind during a commute to work. Its a modern ablution, during which I meditate on the price of my breakfast.


Humans have a natural capacity for religion and superstition. So I'm not suprised at my reaction. I'm human. I keep ordering this breakfast, as if there is some lesson in the activity, I flutter about this confluence of events looking for meaning.

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