Friday, September 29, 2006

Not Knowing is a State of Wisdom

There are many things I struggle to say
Cough, stammer and stutter
I’m daily looking for a way
To communicate
I want, I need, this I believe
; A verbal outlet
; A window to take my bet
If there were only meaningful risks
Long shots are still shots
I wouldn’t be so stiff
with unreleased need.
Life is far too easy.
Survival is free.
Relevance has been re-keyed,
And no one really knows what to do
; With themselves
; Their lives
; Their resources
; Their will
The bookshelves are full
of pages and ineffective answers.
The podiums are manned
with gurus, holy men, and handsome faces
none of which can stand on their own.
They need our need to lean on.
It answers questions for them,
but not us.
I keep coming back to a single purpose
that I never regret:
struggling to say.

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