Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Drained and Spent

How cold and hard the mid thirties seem at times. Maybe its yoo much understanding, too much responsibility, and too much work.

The realization begins to settle in, this is all there is. This is my life, and its declining.

The mornings are best. Work waits. Something to throw myself into.

Nights after a long day of work are the worst. Not enough time to do much of anything, but enough time to drag out the waiting for sleep.

The weekends are chores, and the conflict between a desperate need to have enough fun to make it all meaningful, and the need for rest, so I can be ready for the next work week.

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domboy said...

There is a sense, from about now, that you have to give up your pleasures one by one. Fortunately nature makes you tired and you put up less of a fight. I sometimes imagine this may be what it's like to die - when you're very, very old and you don't mind letting go anymore. I hope I have the sense to open a bottle of champagne and go out singing and dancing like a fool.