Friday, May 18, 2007

a good morning

I'm up today. Why? No idea.

I whistled this morning. I feel like smiling for no reason. Its great but I don't trust it. You can't trust these kind of things. Enjoy them when they come but I don't try to attribute cause anymore.

Its biochemical and the worst thing I could do is think I was feeling so up for a causal reason, that I can directly control. Same goes for when I'm down. There are causes and there are reasons but none should be addressed when in effect. Let it pass and then you can trust your judgment. No matter whether its up or down, the thing I keep reminding myself of is this, it will pass, and there is nothing to be done or not done to keep it that way forever... along that path lies madness and a severe mental break (not the little rests).

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Anonymous said...

What if you know the cause and still have no control? And what if it doesn't pass? Do you really believe joy and sadness are simply biochemical? That there is no connection to the spirit or the soul? I somewhat agree that such things should not be addressed when in effect. But, again, what if it doesn't pass?