Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Significant portion of what you do

A few weeks ago I turned down the best job that I have ever been offered, at least if you quantify it by the measure of the middle managers: Head count and authority. I turned it down. It was a hard decision. I knew what most people I knew would do, but I did not do that - that in itself is difficult. I turned it down. Why? That is hard to answer. I did not want the effect the job would have on my life. I did not want the life style that comes with that type of position. I did not want to be changed by that job. Remember, you are what you do, and what you do from work is a significant portion of what you do. My goals for myself are higher than that job. Some friends think my goals must be lower than that job to turn it down, but they are higher - much higher.

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