Thursday, June 07, 2007

I am not your gameboy

I'm finally on.
Its 8:22pm and I'm now on.
I'm writing and wrestling with
I've enjoyed a wonderful
half bottle of pinot.
The smoke has been superb.
In my mid thirtyies, I've finally
established respectable smoking habits.
I've got this laptop,
warm and clicking in its
response to my thoughts.
I've had a truly mangled dinner experience;
salad from a bag and dressing from a bottle,
microwaved bacon, maple and extra salty,
dripping with grease from the
many pieces that used to be there -
these were the last two
and the dripping best.
The music is superb,
Elctro Pop at its current
finest. Wonderful new
genre - I'm enjoying music from the older
side of the artists, doesn't
change a damn thing - good is still good
no matter how many more beers
and years I've had.

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