Friday, June 15, 2007

On Your Mark, Get Set

Shot of tequila,
a beer,
and a chest full of smoke;
Thats where I was when the
evening started.

I could feel it for days prior.
The angst and emotions,
a plague of unbalance
sloshing about,
barely kept in check.
One day I am a machine of logic
unstoppable mind,
the next I'm fried
and ready to escape to a
poor cave, richly devoid of people.

There is no escape from your nature.


Anonymous said...

You express yourself exquisitely.

Anonymous said...

I have read them ALL and I wholeheartedly agree with Anonymous. Though it seems you are now somewhat oppressed - or more so than usual. I hope you are well and are not fatiguing yourself trying to define everything. Some things just cannot - or perhaps should not - be dissected.

Please forgive my ignorance. From your profile, what is/are memes?


Technomonk said...

One: Thank you both so much! I don’t know how to respond.

Two: Mariposa, you are very perceptive.

Three: You may well be right and there are things that we would be better off not dissecting, but who will do the parsing and on what basis. I’m also doubtful about the amount of control I have, or any of us have, in what we pursue.

Four: Memes are a type of evolutionary replicator, similar to genes but not physical. Richard Dawkins first introduces the concept in his "Selfish Gene" and other authors have pursued the topic much further since. The odd thing about this is how nascent the entire field remains. We are still observing a mechanism that we have newly become aware of and named, we have not made a science of it yet. I wonder if we won’t have to leave this for our grandchildren to finish.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the definition but, sadly, I still don't get it. If it's not physical what is it? Nevermind - maybe I'll read the book you mentioned. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Didn't have much time earlier.

Ok, so I haven't read ALL of your posts (there are just SO MANY) but possibly a majority.

So then do you believe that we are all just destined/doomed to an individual fate we have little/no control over?


Technomonk said...

I'm considering that question and don't want to rush to a response.

The first questions that come to mind when forming a response are these:

1. What do we consider "control" over our lives? There seems to be degrees to this, and we need to figure out what the band of "control" is.

2. How much control can we confidently identify as having in our lives. How much control do we really want and need? Is there an optimum balance?

3. Different situations in life cause us to reject fate or embrace it as destiny. How could this effect the answers to the above questions.


Anonymous said...

First, I am relatively new to this blogging business and hope I am not being inappropriate.

In my world, I am surrounded by vacuous trophy-brides and prissy preacher's wives, my daily activities are monotonous and mundane and most of my reading is at a fifth grade level (my kids). I forgot what it was to feel, think and wonder. It sort of hurts. But it's a pleasant pain.

Your posts give me something to look forward to - something stimulating. Sad, I know.

Now, don't get too big. Your blog just happened to be the first one I came across that wasn't vulgar, scary, syrupy or juvenille.

Seriously, if I am not practicing proper blogging etiquette I do hope someone will let me know.

Now . . .

1. "Control" Hmmmm. Well, predestination, at least by my limited understanding, poses that, while we are granted free will, God already know what we will choose. For me, his omniscience diminishes our free will ever so slightly.

2. Currently I am feeling that the control I excercised over previous decisions in my life has now left me with little/no control over the direction things are traveling. I don't know that I could measure exactly how much control I would want - just more than I seem to have.

3. I wonder if individual sacrifce doesn't also affect our feelings of control? Goals, opportunities, relationships. I suppose the amount of control we feel we have could also depend on what we are willing, or not willing, to sacrifice.

Hmmmm, indeed.

Anonymous said...

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