Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Apologize

White Russians tonight
missed 'em
been since the holidays.
Stumbled onto a worthy
jazz electronica album today
lots of trumpet
and drones.

There are days
that I can barely imagine
keeping up this mental stress
this driving pace
for another year.
How can I bring myself to do it
Where will the energy come from
I'm tapped
Reserves depleted,
and I have partial
of times recent past
when I had reserves
tapped into the Earth's core
So much enthusiasm.
So much optimism.

I'm still optimistic, mostly
but I think I'm running
on momentum now
old inertia
still propelling me
at life.
I'll find my spot,
where I can rest
and build
a spot to rest
a couch on Sunday after all the chores are done
a few of those
and I'll be energy positive again
just a few
and I'll be back.

In the meantime
I've got my white Russians
and jazz electronica
to keep me from thinking about the one
while staying patient for the other.

(If that was overly cryptic I apologize.)


Anonymous said...

Never apologize for being cryptic.

Though it's not terribly.

Also, hilarious that the Google ads on your blog are all about sleep - how to get more or need less.


Stacy said...

I completely understand, you are in dire need of a vacation break. One that makes you unplug and rest. Sleep is good.