Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A New Burger

There are other ways to live.
(Historically there have been a rich variety)
I'm not talking about the
"variety" we see around us.
I really don't know exactly what I'm talking about.
a belief that there are other ways.
(quality ways)
I would just like to witness
a couple
and make
a selection.

I guess I"m looking for a menu
or recipe book, but there really are none.
Oh many claim to be, but they are
all just variations
on the same dish.
Like ordering a coffee at Starbucks,
all coffee with minor variations.
Or like ordering anything at McDonald's,
it all tastes like McDonald's.

I'm not looking for another way to cook chicken
but a radically different diet
consisting of mushrooms and food pellets
providing me with spiritual moments
and perfect health.

I hate even admitting
that I'm interested
in looking at a menu.
I keep expecting the salesmen
of Christ, Vishnu, Yoga,
Oriental Medicine, or whatever,
to start knocking on my door.
Saying, "We have exactly what you want!"
Saying, "One drink of this miracle elixir will cure all that ails you."
Snake oil salesmen, all.

They don't. They are all veneers.
They taste like McDonald's.
And I know you can develop a taste
for McDonald's and it can even be
but I've got a good path as it is,
no need to make lateral trades.
(worse in most cases, just being kind)

I want to trade up.
I want a new high.
I want a new burger,
but I would really like to see a menu
and maybe see some before and after pictures.

(I'm going to go shut my door,
turn off the lights,
and post a no solicitation sign
before its too late.)

Surely as a species
we can be more creative
about the way we live
and work together.
I'm really dissapointed in us (humans)
and bored with us too.

We can do better.

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