Thursday, August 16, 2007

Patiently Waiting

I feel ugly today
ugly inside
like the awkward kid
worried about being beaten
at school again
or at home
or maybe more like the kid that beats him
at school
and only gets beat
at home.

He's solving the problems he can
Neither are comfortable
both seek solitude
both patiently wait
to not feel like this anymore
to just live
without so much struggle
day to day.

Easy to see how human minds
first started to imagine
nirvana, etc.
Real undisturbed rest
at last.

I wonder if anyone really minds
dying from old age
is it always a release
is the last exhale
a sigh
of relief.


Anonymous said...

I would guess that how we feel about our death would largely depend on how we feel about our life.


Technomonk said...

I am curious if we can enjoy our lives and have ones we would call "good" and still find death a relief, or does the fact that I can easily imagine it being a relief indicate that I have too low of an energy level and need to rest?

I don't want it to come soon. Too much to do before it gets here, but I can certainly imagine it being a release.

Can other people imagine it, in a positive light, as a release, while still wanting it to take its time?

Anonymous said...

I certainly think one can enjoy life and still find death a relief. I similarly believe one can be tortured in life and NOT find release in death.