Friday, August 03, 2007

Two Beers... and bam.

I really should have had a coach for this
life -
living -
this existing -
This needs more attention.
We should really get better training
for this.
This making it from day to day
after so many years
spent living.
Too much piles up
and memories long forgotten
can jump back at you:
Two beers into a good
Friday night
and bam.
You are there, you feel it;
the unnamable state of mind
of an unstable intellectual
in college.
Wonderful and depressing,
Rich and thin,
Like a French soup:
Not fair.
Not fucking fair at all.


Anonymous said...

My random recollection
of a beloved aroma -
earthy, spicy, pungent -
led to a long-withheld revelation
of deeply wounding information
which led to fury
which led to panic
which became a frantic clutching
at a desperately irretrievable
that enveloped me so blissfully
"once upon a time"

I know
that this precious myrrh
is no longer mine to breathe in

I know

My word,
never again

Technomonk said...

Was that a quote or an original?

I appreciated this comment. It came on one of those days where you feel out of step with everything around you - out of phase. Then I got the comment and was assured that I was wrong and judging by far too small of a sample group :-) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

It is part of an original. Sorry, I forgot to sign it. I'm surprised you appreciated it. Usually my thoughts depress people.


Anonymous said...

DANG!! - you just reached into my head and pulled out my own thoughts.
I love reading your writing! I pop in here from time to time.

Technomonk said...

Thanks for the nice comment :-) and most of all for popping in from time to time!