Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fitting Into the Scheme of Trees

I was outside
under the canopy covering my house.
It was close to sunset.
I was in a chemically perfect spot,
looking up, eyes open
watching the tops of the trees
sway easy
forth and back
making that slow sound
of rubbing,
of limbs touching.
So rare for the immobile.
So exceptional for the solitary.

Outside felt more
inside than was usual
and I knew
those trees were
seducing me,
softening me,
patiently acclimating me
to that slow sound.
They have been all along.


domboy said...

There's something transfixing about nature that I never understood. Waves, fire, wind blowing through grass - such seemingly simple yet engrossing experiences.

Mariposa said...

i'm so glad you felt it. i used to feel like such a knucklehead for stopping everything to take in nature. i got over it. this is a very moving expression. just lovely.