Thursday, November 08, 2007

the night more blurry bright

I like to stand in front of my bookshelves.
It feels good,
to soak it all in at once.
Eyes tracking across spines
Remembering moments, thoughts
and places I’ve been. Some moments and thoughts
mix just right;
forming one feeling,
like mixing yellow and red skittles,
almost warming in its goodness.
I imagine that this is how a weight lifter feels
staring at his equipment before a work out
or a painter at his brush and canvas.
The music helps
And the wine
But there is something about standing in front of your bookshelves
And letting them tickle your mind:
remembering a feeling,
or an entire line of thought.
It makes the wine stronger
And the night more blurry bright.


Mariposa said...

really nice. i can see you - soaking in your books. you almost lost me with the skittles, but it works. and tells me a bit more about you. ;) really, really nice.

Technomonk said...

Did you loose my meaning on the skittles thing, or did those lines not flow?

I'm trying to write more "readably", more smoothly: feedback on which sections flowed more smoothly than others is a big help.

Aunt Sissy said...

I could not stop at just one. I read all of them! Thanks for reminding me to take time out...
You are so smart and gifted.


PS I totally got the skittles thing - it made my mouth water and i thought about your jar and how much the kids love it! :)

Mariposa said...

no, no. it flowed perfectly. i mean, i'm not really an expert but i thought it was perfect. the "skittles" made me really focus and pay closer attention . . . and read it again. it's an unexpected delight in the middle of something more calm and contemplative. perfect. in my humble opinion, just perfect. ;)

Technomonk said...

Mariposa - I can't find your blog anymore... Is everything OK?

Mariposa said...

you are so lovely to ask. things are mostly wonderful and slightly not. my blog was unearthed by the one it would hurt the most so i felt compelled to delete it - which has left me feeling maddeningly squelched yet again. i'll be back. ;) i still visit you regularly and am thoroughly enjoying your more frequently posted condensed insights!