Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Words can only promise they can not fulfill.

All words are empty until filled with action.

Words are containers, to be filled with experience. This is how words gain their weight.

Every word is a promise waiting for actions to put true.


Mariposa said...

love this. love how you put it so succinctly (sp?). people seem to always want to be judged by their words alone. silly people.

"words are containers" i really enjoy that image. i have often said that words are empty but have never pictured them as actual containers to be filled. fun.

Technomonk said...

I'm happy you totally got what I was trying to say :-)

This most often occurs to me when people attempt to use words to compensate for behavior, and how competely immpossible that is at some point in interpersonal relationships.

During the election debates this has come to mind more than once, and a possible cousin behavior: The use of words, not to compensate for an action taken, but in place of taking an action.

Both are attractively wrapped but empty boxes offered with a smile adn an expectation that we will appreciate it...