Sunday, December 23, 2007

Buffalo Burgers

We went to see the buffalo in 1992.
We also went because it was cool
Aaron wanted to go
so I thought it was cool
and so Tim thought it was cool.
So we went, to see the buffalo.

It was fall
cold wind
nice days.
We drove for hours,
engaged in great college
finally arriving
at the OK state park.

We parked
and walked
We saw scat
and followed the track,
we looked for hours
we despaired,
wanting beer
and conversation.

On the way to the car,
we split up,
searching individually
for a final chance at seeing a buffalo.
I walked over a rise
covered in scrub trees,
pushed them back
and I was within five feet of one,
five feet away,
I could fall over drunk and hit it
in the head with a pint glass:
We were both startled.
She snorted.
I went quiet
just staring.

They are big animals
dumb eyed but not so
tame as cattle.
They remind me of
history lessons
and rugged country
when men were proud
and the Right was personally enforceable

This is an appeal of the country
this culture
this illusion of manhood
its very nice
to be a man
with boots
a truck
and a physical job.


The buffalo got bored with me
snorted out a long
trail of snot,
all the way to the ground,
surely some bison style insult.

She turned,
sick of me,
and too slowly
walked off;
another bison style
fuck you.

I started
thinking again,
experience sped up,
it was over.
She had left
without saying a word.

I had no idea what that meant
I stood for long minutes
Maybe she had
said something to me
something beneath the tongues of men
something older.

I could hear Aaron and Tim yelling.
I smiled and hiked back over the hill
towards the cars.
We had dinner at one of those
"famous" burger places
frosty mugs of beer and lots of seats.


rl said...

Bison are equal parts disgusting and dignified.

Technomonk said...

I like the polar pair you have created: disgusting and dignified. I wonder how often I move between these two poles with my impression of other people and myself.

Also, I like the interest you have on your profile: Secular eschatology.