Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cold Weather Wear, Part One

I have never been bored in winter.
Cold weather does wonders for my appetite,
teas and soups taste better,
breathe and it hangs in the air
like thin sheets streaming
behind words and thoughts,
as we rush from office to home,
and back. We always go forth
to somewhere warm
and bright.

The outside, always hostile
to life, especially mine,
acts openly in the winter, finally honest,
affirming my attitudes,
confirming my experience,
bringing my behavior closer to normal
leaving me feeling casual
not having to explain
why I'm rushing home,
why inside is my main
source of warmth
and freedom.

In winter I’m
a full standard deviation
more statistically normal
than in summer.

Not having to explain
my normal
to those who practice
a normal closer to societal mean
is very relaxing.

"Us" and "Them"
is so much more clear
when a personal
defines the boundaries.

Solitude adds resolution
to vision, it refines.
Society is required
for new definition,
it winds, reminds and exerts
the force of organizing kind,
we respond and become who we are.

Solitude refines what living defines.

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Anonymous said...

god, i've missed you!