Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cold Weather Wear, Part Two

People on the inside,
those huddled close
to the center mass of humanity,
the very density of the crowd
making them nuclear bright.
They can't see us out on the edge
making our own raw sputtering light.
From their over lighted house they
look out, thinking
there is nothing there,
but we can see them
and ourselves.
We are surprisingly well adjusted,
we are aware of more life
than they.

Out here on the edge, in the dark
we have a perspective
a vantage point.
We have a spatially social
point of view.

We don't huddle out here,
not much.
We work
strange designs in the sand
with our minds and fists.
At first, just to stay warm
and then, after awhile
other reasons evolve out of the dark
other colds are realized
new work
to be done.

When you are surviving,
a daily drink can be a life preserver,
a weekly kindness a reason to wait and see.

There are numerous patient drunks
maintaining vigils from mountaintops,
tree tops, skyscraper roofs,
from behind telescopes, spy satellites,
and from a sick variety of recliners, all
waiting for the world to change,
waiting for a world with
shaped like themselves.

Waiting for a world
with hopes
to match
their needs.

I notice the wind more in the winter.

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Anonymous said...

love this perspective.